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With more than 30 years of experience, Russi & Russi Construtora has a solid history of civil constructions in Itapema and along the coast of Santa Catarina. Achievements founding a career that reflects the trust of clients, real estate markets and civil construction. The ideal partner for those who look at the blue of the horizon, but also keep their feet on the ground.

Get to know our history

The story of Russi & Russi Construtora began as a real estate office. The Articles of Association, typed on a typewriter, were signed on March 13, 1989 by the brothers Antonio and Amadeu Russi.
The initial idea was to sell the apartments, but the company had an entrepreneurial vision and without being afraid of daring and innovating, there was the dream of transforming it into a large construction and incorporation company in the residential construction segment in Itapema and Balneário Camboriú. Russi & Russi has always been ahead with epoch-making innovations in construction. See details of these important moments in its history.
They started with 4-storey buildings in Zone 1 of Meia Praia and evolved to the first 20-storey building in Balneário Camboriú. The building is called João Sandri and is located in a privileged position, at the corner on Avenida Brasil. The building was named after the father of the owner of the land and Victoria Supermarkets (now Xande Supermarket). The construction of many other buildings began and the surname Russi & Russi wrote and continues to write part of the city's history.
The first building in downtown Itapema was Building Gracieli, named after the first daughter of Mr. Antonio Russi. Then came the Buildings Samara (the entire facade built in granite) and Graciani. Both were built in Meia Praia and were also named after the daughters of Mr. Antonio Russi.
Russi & Russi built Building Ayrton Senna, and at the time, Viviane, sister of the famous driver and world idol, authorized the use of the name and thanked the tribute.
Following came Building Tom Jobim, which also intended to honor this important composer of ours. Soon after, came many other ventures also baptized with great names of the music of all time. They are buildings that bear the names: Chopin, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi.
The projects, in addition to the quality of the buildings, always sought innovation, so much so that even in the 90's, the Versalles was built, the first one in Itapema with video intercom, which was a great novelty in Brazil. In Santa Catarina it was even a rarity. As it is known, Russi & Russi was the first to dispose of a surveillance system.
The partnership between the brothers also yielded another entrepreneurial enterprise. In October 1990, Russi & Russi mall opened. Russi & Russi Construtora has always been able to recruit its team well and by combining this peculiarity with the quality and innovation of its ventures, continues to write a story that completed 30 years of activity in 2017. All of Russi & Russi's steps have always focused on investment and it is currently launching the Blue Garden. We invite you to browse our page to get to know us better.


Promote real estate solutions, developed with social and environmental accountability that meet the requirements of the market, the profitability and customer satisfaction of which ensure the sustainability of the company. Value the brand and all employees and partners so that they feel proud of being part of Russi & Russi Construtora.


To be recognized as the best real estate company in the region of Itapema and Balneário Camboriú through reliability, innovation, quality of delivery and relationship with customers, employees and investors.


Attitude: We are committed, persistent, proactive, and take risks in a responsible way. We act with cordiality and respect; we have a sense of urgency and punctuality.
Result: We are obstinate in the search for results, because they are the ones that guarantee the return on our investments, the satisfaction of shareholders and the remuneration of employees. By them, we enable the growth, success and the perpetuity of our business.
Integrity: We conduct our business in a transparent and virtuous way. We guide our actions by the highest professional standards. We carry out what we promise.
Excellency and Quality: We maintain our obstinacy for well done things and the pursuit of the highest quality standards. We develop and establish standards.
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