Santa Catarina

The beaches of Santa Catarina are known not only in Brazil, but also worldwide. There are 531 kilometers of coastline with beautiful and well-maintained cities, as well as a variety of types of waterfront that can meet practically every taste. Among the main cities of Santa Catarina’s coast is Itapema, the beach town that has become the favorite among those famous ones for having beautiful beaches and endless tranquility.


Itapema has beautiful beaches surrounded by hills with an exuberant subtropical vegetation of the Atlantic Forest. Highlights to Praia do Centro, Meia Praia, Canto da Praia and Praia do Ilhota, which have specific characteristics from the calm and tranquility of crystal clear waters, to choppy waves, also good for the practice of extreme sports. The municipality also offers ecotourism itineraries, adventure tourism and cycle tourism are additional attractions. Trails and adventure routes amidst native vegetation and brooks, the circuits offer magnificent views. The native fauna and flora show all the beauty of the Atlantic Forest. In some places, it is also possible to observe very rare species of birds!

Porto Belo

The municipality is geographically a natural port and for its genuine characteristics, and beauty, gains greater movement in the high summer season, consolidating itself as a destination of boats and ocean liners (cruise ships), besides having several marinas that provide the traveler with excellent support for nautical activity. The nightlife has greater movement in high summer season when it offers nightclubs, concert venues, bars and restaurants with live music.


As the natural attractions are the main riches of the city, those who travel to Bombinhas, should know that the scenery is inviting for quiet holidays and an encounter with the nature. The Arvoredo Biological Reserve, for example, formed by a quadruple between Calhau de São Pedro, Galé Island, Deserta Island and the island of Arvoredo, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places to visit.
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